Iowa Compacts

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Compact Citation Year Of Joinder
Agreement on Detainers I.C.A. Sec. 821.1 et seq. 1965
Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel I.C.A. 272A.1 et seq. 1973
Compact for Education I.C.A. Sec. 272B.1 et seq. 1973
Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance I.C.A. Sec. 600.23 1987
Compact on Mental Health I.C.A. Sec. 221.1 et seq. 1970
Compact on Placement of Children I.C.A. Sec. 232.158 et seq. 1967
Driver License Compact I.C.A. Secs. 321C.1, 321C.2 1965
Emergency Management Assistance Compact I.C.A. Sec. 29C.1 et seq. 1997
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision I.C.A. Sec. 907B.1 2002
Interstate Compact for Juveniles I.C.A. Sec. 232.171 1965
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children I.C.A. §§ 256H.1 to 256H.3. 2009
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0
Interstate Corrections Compact I.C.A. Sec. 913.1 et seq. 1973
Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact I.C.A. Sec. 505A.1 2007
Interstate Library Compact I.C.A. Sec. 256.70 et seq. 1965
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact 2015
Iowa-Nebraska Boundary Compact I.C. Ch. 999C 1943
Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact I.C.A. Sec. 457B.1 1983
Midwestern Higher Education Compact IA Statute: Ch. 261D.2 2005
Multistate Lottery Agreement 1988
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact I.C.A. §§ 692B.1 – 692B.3 2000
Nonresident Violator Compact I.C.A Sec. 321.513 1981
Nurse Licensure Compact I.C.A. Secs. 152E.1 1999
Statewide Mutual Aid Compact I.C.A. 29c.22 2002
Uniform Unclaimed Property Act I.C.A. Sec. 556.28 et seq. 1967
Wildlife Violator Compact I.C.A. 456A.24 2001