New York Compacts

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Compact Citation Year Of Joinder
Agreement on Detainers McKinney's Crim. Proc. Law Sec. 580.20 1957
Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel McKinney's Education Law Sec. 3030 1968
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 13-0371 1941
Buffalo and Fort Erie Bridge Compact Ch. 824, 1933 Laws of New York; Ch. 717, 1967; Ch. 657, 1973; Ch. 612, 1993; Ch. 662, 1997 1933
Compact for Education McKinney's Education Law Sec. 107 1966
Compact on Mental Health McKinney's Mental Hygiene Law Sec. 67.07 1956
Compact on Placement of Children McKinney's Social Services Law Sec. 374-A 1960
Delaware River Basin Compact McKinney's Env. Cons. Law 21-0701 et seq. 1961
Driver License Compact McKinney's Vehicle & Traffic Law Sec. 516 1965
Emergency Management Assistance Compact New York State Consolidated Laws, Executive Section, Chapter 18, Article 2-B 2000
Great Lakes Basin Compact McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Secs. 21-0901 et seq. 1960
Great Lakes-St.Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact McKinney's ECL Sec. 21-1001 2008
Interpleader Compact New York State Consolidated Laws, Civil Practice Law and rules Section, Sec. 1006 1954
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision Executive Law § 259-MM 2003
Interstate Compact for Juveniles McKinney's Uncon. Law Secs. 1801 to 1806 1955
Interstate Compact For Mutual Military Aid In An Emergency N.Y. Mil. Law Appx. § 7
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children Art 66 §§3300 - 3318 2014
Interstate Compact on Licensure of Participants in Horse Racing with Pari-Mutuel Wagering New York State Consolidated Laws, Racing, Pari-Mutual Wagering and Breeding Law Section, Ch. 47-A, Article 11, Sec. 1101 et seq. 2001
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0
Interstate Compact to Conserve Oil and Gas McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 23-2101 1941
Interstate Corrections Compact McKinney's Correction Law Sec. 100 et seq. 1984
Interstate High Speed Rail Network Compact NY T.R.A. Article 2 § 19 1991
Interstate Library Compact McKinney's Education Law Secs 293 to 297 1969
Interstate Mining Compact
Interstate Rail Passenger Network Compact McKinney's Transportation Law Sec. 19 1990
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact NY CLS Exec §850 2013
National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 2014
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Compact McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 21-0101 to 21-0117 1949
New York-New Jersey Port Authority Compact of 1921 McKinney's Unconsolidated Law Secs. 6401-7217 1921
Nonresident Violator Compact McKinney's Vehicle and Traffic Law, Sec. 517 1965
Northeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact N.Y. ENVTL. CONSERV. LAW § 9-1123 1963
Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Compact McKinney's Public Authorities Law Sec. 1378 1950
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact McKinney's Envir. Conserv. Law Sec. 21-0301 to 21-0317 1939
Palisades Interstate Park Compact McKinney's Parks, Rec. & Historic Preservation Law Sec. 9.01 1937
Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact Mckinney's Transportation Law Appendix 5 Sec. et seq. 1968
Susquehanna River Basin Compact McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 21-1301 et seq. 1967
Tri-State Sanitation Compact McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 21-0501 to 21-0525 1936
Waterfront Commission Compact McKinney's Unconsolidated Laws Sec. 9801-9873 1953
Wildlife Violator Compact 0