South Dakota Compacts

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Compact Citation Year Of Joinder
Agreement on Detainers SDCL Secs. 23-24A-1 to 23-24A-34 1972
Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel SDCL Secs. 13-42-18 to 13-42-20 1969
Belle Fourche River Compact SDCL Secs. 46A-17-1, 46A-17-2 1943
Compact on Mental Health SDCL Secs. 27A-6-1 to 27A-6-5 1959
Compact on Placement of Children SDCL Secs. 26-13-1 to 26-13-9 1974
Driver License Compact SDCL Sec. 32-12-56.1 1986
Emergency Management Assistance Compact SDCL Sec. 33-15-48 1996
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision SDCL Sec. 24-16A-1 2001
Interstate Compact for Juveniles SDCL Secs. 26-12-1 to 26-12-14 1961
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children SDCL 13-53E-1 to 13-53E-2. 2009
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0
Interstate Compact to Conserve Oil and Gas SDCL Secs. 45-10-1 to 45-10-6 1955
Interstate Library Compact SDCL Sec. 1407-12 to 14-7-18 1975
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact 2015
Midwestern Higher Education Compact S.D. Statute: Ch. 13-53C-1 2008
Multistate Lottery Agreement 1990
National Guard Mutual Assistance Compact SDCL Secs. 33-9-12 to 33-9-14 1969
National Guard Mutual Assistance Counter-Drug Activities Compact SD Codified L ยง 33-9-15 1994
Nebraska-South Dakota Boundary Compact SDCL Sec 1-2-8 1989
Nonresident Violator Compact
Nurse Licensure Compact SDCL Sec. 36-9-92 2001
Southwestern Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact SDCL Sec. 34-21B-3 1989
Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Western Regional Education Compact 2008
Wildlife Violator Compact 0