West Virginia Compacts

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Compact Citation Year Of Joinder
Agreement on Detainers W. Va. Cod, Secs. 62-14-1 to 64-14-7 1971
Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel W. Va. Code, Secs. 18-10E-1, 18-10E-2 1969
Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 29-1H-1 to 29-1H-11 1985
Compact for Education W. Va. Code; Secs. 18-10D-1 to 18-10D-7 1967
Compact on Mental Health W. Va. Code, Secs. 27-14-1 to 27-14-5 1957
Compact on Placement of Children W. Va. Code, Sec. 49-2A-1, 49-2A-2 1975
Driver License Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 17B-1A, 17B-1A-2 1972
Emergency Management Assistance Compact W. Va. Code Sec. 15-5-22 1996
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision WVC § 28-7-1 2008
Interstate Compact for Juveniles W. Va. Code, Secs. 49-8-1 to 49-8-7 1963
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance W. Va. Code, Secs. 49-2C-1 to 49-2C-4 1986
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children W.V.C. §18-10F-1 and §18- 10F-2 2011
Interstate Compact on Licensure of Participants in Horse Racing with Pari-Mutuel Wagering W. Va. Code, Secs. 19-24-21 to 19-24-4 2000
Interstate Compact on Mentally Disordered Offenders W. Va. Code, Secs. 27-15-1 to 27-15-3 1970
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0
Interstate Compact to Conserve Oil and Gas House Con. Res. 20 1945
Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact Code, 33-47-1 et seq. 2004
Interstate Library Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 10-1A-1 to 10-1A-6 1972
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact 2015
Interstate Mining Compact
Jennings Randolph Lake Project Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 29-1J-1, 29-1J-2 1994
Middle Atlantic Forest Fire Protection Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 20-3-25 to 20-3-29 1967
Multistate Lottery Agreement 1988
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact W.V.C. § 15-2-24a 2006
Nonresident Violator Compact W. Va. Code, Sec. 17B-1C-1 1972
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 22C-12-1 1939
Potomac Highlands Airport Authority Compact Intergovernmental Agreement 1990
Potomac Valley Compact W. Va. Code, Sec. 22C-11-1 1961
Southeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact W. Va. Code Secs. 20-3-20 to 20-3-24 1955
Southern Dairy Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 19-11C-1 et Seq. 1998
Southern Growth Policies Compact (no citation) 1989
Southern Regional Education Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 18-10C-1 to 18-10C-3 1956
Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Wheeling Creek Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention District Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 29-1F-1 to 29-1F-5 1967
Wildlife Violator Compact W. Va. Code, Secs. 20-2C-1 to 20-2C-3 1990