Connecticut Compacts

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Compact Citation Year Of Joinder
Agreement on Detainers C.G.S.A. Sec. 54-186 et seq. 1957
Agreement on Qualifications of Educational Personnel C.G.S.A. Secs. 10-146c et seq. 1969
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 26-295 et seq. 1940
Bus Taxation Proration and Reciprocity Agreement C.G.S.A. Sec. 14-365 et seq. 1965
Compact for Education C.G.S.A. Sec. 10-374 et seq. 1967
Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance C.G.S.A. Sec. 17a-116d 1999
Compact on Mental Health C.G.S.A. Sec. 17a-615 et seq. 1955
Compact on Placement of Children C.G.S.A. Sec. 17a-175 et seq. 1967
Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 26-302 1979
Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 25-99 et seq. 1949
Driver License Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 14-111c 1993
Emergency Management Assistance Compact CGS Sec. 28-23a et seq. 2000
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision C.G.S.A. Sec. 54-133 1951
Interstate Compact for Juveniles C.G.S.A. Sec. 46b-151a-q 1957
Interstate Compact For Mutual Military Aid In An Emergency C.G.S.A. Secs. 27-37, 27-38 1953
Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children C.G.S.A. ยง 10-15f. 2008
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0
Interstate Corrections Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 18-105 1973
Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
Interstate Library Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 11-38 et seq. 1967
Multistate Lottery Agreement 1995
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact CGS 29-164f et seq. 2000
New England Corrections Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 18-102 et seq. 1958
New England Higher Education Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 10a-61 1955
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 22a-308 to 22a-310 1949
New England Police Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 29-162 et seq. 1967
New England Radiological Health Protection Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 22a-159, 22a-160 1969
Nonresident Violator Compact
Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 22a-161 1983
Northeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 23-53 to 23-57 1949
Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 16-343, 16-344 1969
Thames River Flood Control Compact C.G.S.A. Secs. 25-101, 25-102 1957
Tri-State Sanitation Compact C.G.S.A. Sec. 22a-294 1941
Wildlife Violator Compact 0