Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact

The purposes of this compact are, through joint or cooperative action, to promote development and implementation of improvements to intercity passenger rail service in the Midwest; coordinate interaction among Midwestern state elected officials and their designees on passenger rail issues; promote development and implementation of long range plans for high-speed rail passenger service in the Midwest and among other regions of the United States; work with the public and private sectors at the federal, state, and local levels to ensure coordination among the various entities having an interest in passenger rail service and to promote Midwestern interests regarding passenger rail service; and support efforts of transportation agencies involved in developing and implementing passenger rail service in the Midwest
Category: Transportation
Interstate Agency: Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Illinois 2000
Indiana IC 8-3-22 2000
Kansas 2001
Michigan 2000
Minnesota M.S.A. 218.75 2000
Missouri Missouri Revised Statutes 680.200 2000
Nebraska R.S.N. Sec. 74-1601 2001
North Dakota NDCC 8-11-01 2001
Ohio RC 4982.36 et seq. 2002
Wisconsin 2001