Midwestern Higher Education Compact

The purpose of the midwestern higher education compact shall be to provide greater higher education opportunities and services in the midwestern region, with the aim of furthering regional access to, research in and choice of higher education for the citizens residing in the several states which are parties to this compact.
Category: Education
Interstate Agency: Midwestern Higher Education Commission
Agency Website:

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Illinois 45 ILCS 155/0.01 et seq. 1991
Indiana I.C. Secs. 20-12-73-1 to 20-12-73-11 1996
Iowa IA Statute: Ch. 261D.2 2005
Kansas K.S.A. 72-60b01 et seq. 1990
Michigan M.C.L.A. Secs. 390.1531, 390.1532 1990
Minnesota M.S.A. 135A.20 et seq. 1990
Missouri V.A.M.S. Secs. 173.700 1990
Nebraska R.S.N. 85-1301 et seq. 1991
North Dakota NDCC 15-10.2-01, 15-10.2-02 1991
Ohio RC 3333.40 - 3333.41 1991
South Dakota S.D. Statute: Ch. 13-53C-1 2008
Wisconsin W.S.A. 39.80 1994