National Guard Mutual Assistance Compact

Provides for mutual aid in using the National Guard for emergencies, flexibility in deployment of Na¬tional Guard forces, maximum effectiveness of the Na¬tional Guard when utilized under the compact, and pro¬tection of Guard personnel when serving in other states on emergency duty. The compact is similar to the Mutual Military Aid Compact. It was drafted and approved by the Midwestern and Southern Governors’ Conferences in 1967. All states are eligible to par¬ticipate. The following states were originally reported to have ratified the compact: Alabama (1969), Alaska (1968), Kan¬sas (1968), North Carolina (1969), South Dakota (1969), and Virginia (1968). This compact may have been superseded by the EMAC.
Category: Public Safety

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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Alaska AS Secs. 26.25.010 to 26.25.030 1968
Florida West's F.S.a. Sec. 250.540 et seq. 1993
Kansas K.S.A. 48-1701 1968
North Carolina G.S. Secs. 127A-175 to 127A-184 1969
South Dakota SDCL Secs. 33-9-12 to 33-9-14 1969
Virginia Code 1950, Secs. 44-54.1 to 44.54.3 1968