New England Corrections Compact

The party states, desiring by common action to fully utilize and improve their institutional facilities and provide adequate programs for the confinement, treatment and rehabilitation of various types of offenders, declare that it is the policy of each of the party states to provide such facilities and programs on a basis of cooperation with one another, thereby serving the best interests of such offenders and of society and effecting economies in capital expenditures and operational costs. The purpose of this compact is to provide for the mutual development and execution of such programs of cooperation for the confinement, treatment and rehabilitation of offenders with the most economical use of human and material resources.
Category: Corrections and Crime Control

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress 8 Stat. 909 1934
Connecticut C.G.S.A. Sec. 18-102 et seq. 1958
Maine 34-A.M.R.S.A. Secs. 9201 et seq. 1961
Maryland Md. Ann. Code of 1957, Art. 41, Secs. 4-1201 to 4-1210 1973
Massachusetts ALM Spec L 113.1 et seq. 1962
New Hampshire RSA 622-A:1 et seq. 1969
Rhode Island Gen. Laws 1956, Secs. 13-11-1 to 13-11-3 1960
Vermont V.S.A. 28 Sec. 1401 et seq. 1961