New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Compact

Establishes a commission to coordinate the water pollu┬Čtion control activities of the signatory states as they per┬Čtain to the waters of the compact area. Other activities include the assurance of water quality planning and standards in the compact area improving groundwater program coordination and distributing public oriented information addressing current environmental issues.
Category: Conservation and Environment
Interstate Agency: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress P.L. 80-292 1947
Connecticut C.G.S.A. Secs. 22a-308 to 22a-310 1949
Maine 38 M.R.S.A. Secs. 491 et seq., 531 et seq. 1955
Massachusetts ALM Spec L 119:1 to 5 1947
New Hampshire RSA 484:17-484:22 1951
New York McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Sec. 21-0101 to 21-0117 1949
Rhode Island Gen. Laws 1956, Secs. 46-16-1 to 21-0117 1947
Vermont V.S.A. 10 Sec. 1331 et seq. 1949