Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact

Establishes a commission for the purpose of maintaining waters in the river basin in a satisfactory condition, available for use as public and industrial water supply after reasonable treatment, suitable for recreational use, and capable of maintaining healthy aquatic communities, with the guiding principle being that pollution from one state shall not injuriously affect the various uses of the interstate waters.
Category: Conservation and Environment
Interstate Agency: Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress P.L. 76-739 1940
Illinois 45 ILCS 60/0.01 et seq. 1939
Indiana IC 13-29-2-1 to 1 IC 13-29-2-7 1939
Kentucky KRS Sec. 224.18-270 1940
New York McKinney's Envir. Conserv. Law Sec. 21-0301 to 21-0317 1939
Ohio RC 6113.01-6113.02 1948
Pennsylvania 32 P.S. Sec. 816.1 et seq. 1945
Virginia Code 1950, Secs. 62.1-70 to 62.1-79 1948
West Virginia W. Va. Code, Secs. 22C-12-1 1939