Portsmouth-Kittery Bridge Compact

This compact established an authority to build an in┬Čterstate bridge. In 1985 Congress passed P.L. 99-190 to enable the Authority to transfer ownership of the approach roadways to the bridge and the overpasses to Maine and New Hampshire. Ownership of bordering real estate located in New Hampshire was also transferred to New Hampshire. The roadways became public highways, and (by administrative action) are in the Federal Aid system, thus qualifying for matching funds for capital improvement projects. The bridge itself is retained by the Bridge Authority, and also qualifies for Federal Aid in the form of matching funds. An amendment to the Compact (Article IV) transfers Authority employees to the Maine Dept. of Transportation and New Hampshire Dept. of Public Works and Highways.
Category: Bridges, Navigation, and Port Authorities
Interstate Agency: Maine-New Hampshire Interstate Bridge Authority

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress 50 Stat.535, P.L. 99-190 1985
Maine 1937
New Hampshire RSA 234:43-234:6 1936