Potomac Highlands Airport Authority Compact

Created the Potomac Highlands Authority in 1976, to provide an institutional structure that allows local governments in Maryland and West Virginia to coordinate the provision of air transportation facilities and services on a regional basis. The compact deals with the Cumberland Municipal Airport, which is owned by Cumberland, Maryland, operated by Allegany County, Maryland, but located in Mineral County, West Virginia. The compact remained dormant until 1990 when the governors of Maryland and West Virginia signed an Intergovernmental Agreement to activate the compact. This agreement changed the name of the Cumberland Municipal Airport to Cumberland Regional Airport, formally transferred airport operating authority from Allegany County to the Authority, appointed a governing board for the Authority, and defined the amount of funding that would be expected from each state and their respective county participants.
Category: Transportation
Interstate Agency: Potomac Highlands Airport Authority

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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress P.L. 105-348 1998
Maryland Md. [Transp.] Code Ann. Secs. 10-101 et seq. 1976
West Virginia Intergovernmental Agreement 1990