Wabash Valley Compact

The party states find that the Wabash Valley has suffered from a lack of comprehensive planning for the optimal use of its human and natural resources and that under-utilization and inadequate benefits from its potential wealth are likely to continue until there is proper organization to encourage and facilitate coordinated development of the Wabash Valley as a region and to relate its agricultural, industrial, commercial, recreational, transportation, development and other problems to the opportunities in the Valley. To this end it is the purpose of the party states to recognize and provide for such development and coordination and to establish an agency of the party states with powers sufficient and appropriate to further regional planning for the Valley.
Category: Water

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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress P.L. 86-375 1959
Illinois 45 ILCS 135/0.01 et seq. 1959
Indiana Laws of Indiana, 1959, chapter 3 1959