Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact

Establishes a commission for regulation of passenger transportation by any privately owned carrier between any points in the District of Colum-bia and adjacent portions of Maryland and Virginia, excepting transportation solely within Virgina. This compact contrasts with the Transit Authority Compact which provides for public ownership and operation of mass transportation facilities.
Category: Transportation
Interstate Agency: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Commission
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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress 74 Stat. 1031, P.L. 101-505, 104 Stat. 1300 (1990) 1960
D.C. DC Code Sec. 9-1103.01 to 9-1103.07 1960
Maryland Md. [Transp.] Code Ann. Secs. 10-201 to 10-203 1959
Virginia Code 1950, Secs. 56-529, 56-530 1958