Western Interstate Energy Compact

The party states recognize that the proper employment of scientific and technological discoveries and advances in nuclear and related fields and direct and collateral application and adaptation of processes and techniques developed in connection therewith, properly correlated with the other resources of the region, can assist substantially in the industrial progress of the west and the further development of the economy of the region. They also recognize that optimum benefit from nuclear and related scientific or technological resources, facilities and skills requires systematic encouragement, guidance, assistance, and promotion from the party states on a cooperative basis. It is the policy of the party states to undertake such cooperation on a continuing basis. It is the purpose of this compact to provide the instruments and framework for such a cooperative effort in nuclear and related fields, to enhance the economy of the west and contribute to the individual and community well-being of the region's people.
Category: Energy
Interstate Agency: Western Interstate Energy Board

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Alaska AS Secs. 41.98.110 to 41.98.150 1969
Arizona A.R.S. Sec. 30-701et seq. 1969
California West's Ann. Cal. Gov. code Secs. 67400, 67401 1968
Colorado C.R.S. Secs. 24-60-1401 to 24-60-1404 1963
Idaho I.C. Secs. 39-3020 1969
Montana MCA title 90, Ch. 5, part 2 1973
Nevada NRS 459.001 et seq. 1969
New Mexico NMSA 1978 Secs. 11-9-1 to 11-9-3 1977
Oregon (no citation)
Utah U.C.A. 1953, 63-41-1 to 63-41-6
Washington RCW 43.21F.400 et seq. 1977
Wyoming W.S. Secs. 9-6-101 to 9-6-105 1969