Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance

The Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA) assures the continued provision of all of the benefits of an adoption subsidy agreement, regardless of the state of residence of the child. ICAMA is designed to prevent and overcome artificial barriers that may prevent adoptive families from receiving medical assistance mandated by adoption agreements. ICAMA provides that the state where the adoptive family resides will furnish Medicaid program services to the special needs child, if the child came from a compact member state. Forty eight states and the District of Columbia, including Missouri, are ICAMA members.
Category: Child Welfare

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Arkansas Ark. Code Ann. Sec. 9-29-301 1985
Colorado C.R.S. Secs. 24-60-2401 to 24-60-2406 1985
Connecticut C.G.S.A. Sec. 17a-116d 1999
Delaware 31 Del. C. Secs. 5401 to 5406 1985
Florida F.S. Secs 409.406, 409.407 2002
Hawaii HRS Secs. 350C-1 to 350C-7 1986
Idaho I.C. Secs. 39-7501 to 39-7505 1994
Iowa I.C.A. Sec. 600.23 1987
Kansas K.S.A. 38-335 et seq. 1985
Maryland MD. [FAM. LAW] CODE ANN. Sec. 5-4A-01 1999
Massachusetts ALM GL 18B:22 1987
Michigan M.C.L.A. Sec 400.115r, 400.115s 2002
Minnesota M.S.A. Sec. 259.71 1984
Nevada NRS 127.400 et seq. 1987
New Mexico NMSA 1978 Secs. 40-7B-1 to 40-7B-6 1985
North Carolina G.S. Secs. 7B-3800 to 7B-3806 1998
Oklahoma 10 Okl. St. Ann., Sec. 7510-3.1 et seq. 1986
Rhode Island Gen. Laws 1956, Secs. 15-7.1-1 to 15-7.1-4 1989
South Carolina Code 1976, Secs. 20-7-2610 to 20-7-2660 1990
Tennessee T.C.A. Sec. 36-1-201 to 36-1-206 1985
Texas V.T.C.A. Fam. Sec. 162.201 et seq. 1995
Wisconsin W.S.A. 48.9985 1986