Great Lakes Basin Compact

Establishes a commission to advise and make recommendations to the member states concerning regional water resources matters. These including comprehensive water use, economic developĀ¬ment, and maintenance of a high quality environment.
Category: Water
Interstate Agency: Great Lakes Commission
Agency Website:

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Congress 82 Stat. 414, P.L. 90-419 1968
Illinois 45 ILCS 145/0.01 et seq. 1965
Indiana IC 14-25-13-1 to 14-25-13-9 1955
Michigan M.C.L.A. Sec. 324.32201 et seq. 1955
Minnesota M.S.A. Sec. 1.21 et seq. 1955
New York McKinney's Environmental Conservation Law Secs. 21-0901 et seq. 1960
Ohio RC 6161.01 - 6161.03 1963
Pennsylvania 32 P.S. Sec. 817.1 et seq. 1956
Wisconsin W.S.A. 14.78 1955