Interstate Compact on Licensure of Participants in Horse Racing with Pari-Mutuel Wagering

The purposes of this compact are to establish uniform requirements among the party states for the licensing of participants in live racing with pari-mutuel wagering, and ensure that all such participants who are licensed pursuant to this compact meet a uniform minimum standard of honesty and integrity, and to facilitate the growth of the pari-mutuel racing industry in each party state and nationwide by simplifying the process for licensing participants in live racing, and reduce the duplicative and costly process of separate licensing by the regulatory agency in each state that conducts live racing with pari-mutuel wagering.
Category: Gambling and Lotteries

Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Arizona 2002
California CA Bus. & Prof. Code Secs. 19527-19528 2001
Delaware 3 Delaware C. Sec. 10200 et seq. 2002
Florida F.S. Sec. 550.901 et seq. 2000
Kentucky KRS 230.3751 2001
Louisiana R.S. 4: 275 et seq. 2000
Maryland 2002
Nebraska R.S.N. Sec. 2-1247 2001
New Jersey 2002
New York New York State Consolidated Laws, Racing, Pari-Mutual Wagering and Breeding Law Section, Ch. 47-A, Article 11, Sec. 1101 et seq. 2001
Ohio O.R.C. 3769.22 2007
Oklahoma OKS Section 240 of Title 3A 2007
Virginia ยง 59.1-394.1. 2000
Washington RCW 67.17.005 et seq. 2001
West Virginia W. Va. Code, Secs. 19-24-21 to 19-24-4 2000