Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

The purposes of this Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact are, through means of joint and cooperative action among the Compacting Statesto promote and protect the interest of consumers of individual and group annuity, life insurance, disability income and long-term care insurance products, to develop uniform standards for insurance products covered under the Compact, to establish a central clearinghouse to receive and provide prompt review of insurance products covered under the Compact and, in certain cases, advertisements related thereto, submitted by insurers authorized to do business in one or more Compacting States, to give appropriate regulatory approval to those product filings and advertisements satisfying the applicable uniform standard, to improve coordination of regulatory resources and expertise between state insurance departments regarding the setting of uniform standards and review of insurance products covered under the Compact, to create the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission; and to perform these and such other related functions as may be consistent with the state regulation of the business of insurance.
Category: Insurance
Interstate Agency: Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

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Member States

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State Citation Year Of Joinder
Alabama Ala. Code 27-60-1 2011
Alaska AS Sec. 21.42.700 et seq. 2007
Arizona AZ Rev. Stat. Ann 20-3251 2014
Arkansas Ark. Code Ann. 23-67-601 2013
Colorado C.R.S.A. Sec. 24-60-3001 2004
D.C. DC ST Sec. 31-1391 2008
Georgia O.C.G.A. Secs. 33-59A-1 2006
Hawaii HRS Secs. 431:30-101 et seq. 2004
Idaho I.C. Secs. 41-5701 et seq. 2010
Illinois 45 ILCS 162/1 et seq. 2010
Indiana West's A.I.C. Secs. 27-8-31-1 2006
Iowa I.C.A. Sec. 505A.1 2007
Kansas K.S.A. 40-5301 - 40-5303 2005
Kentucky KRS Sec. 304.51-010 2006
Louisiana LA Rev. Stat. Ann 22:2381 2008
Maine 24-A M.R.S.A. Secs. 2471-2487 2003
Maryland Code, Insurance, Secs. 29-101 2009
Massachusetts M.G.L.A.C. 175K, Secs. 1-16 2006
Michigan M.C.L.A. Sec. 3.1031 2007
Minnesota M.S.A. Secs. 60A.99 2009
Mississippi Miss. Code Ann. 357-1 2009
Missouri V.A.M.S. Secs 374.350 et seq. 2009
Montana Mont. Code Ann. 33-39-101 2013
Nebraska Neb. Rev. Stat. 44-7801 2005
Nevada Nev. Rev. Stat 687C.010 2011
New Hampshire N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann 408-C:1 2004
New Jersey N.J.S.A. 17B:37-1 et seq. 2011
New Mexico NMSA 1978, Sec. 11-19-1 2009
North Carolina G.S. Secs. 58-91-1 et seq. 2005
Ohio RC Sec. 3915.16 2006
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Oregon O.R.S. 732.820 2011
Pennsylvania PA. Cons. Stat. 40-4101 2006
Rhode Island Gen.Laws. 1956, Sec. 27-2.5-1 2004
South Carolina Code 1976, Secs. 38-95-10 et seq. 2009
Tennessee T.C.A. Secs. 56-58-101 et seq. 2007
Texas V.T.C.A., Insurance Code Secs. 5001.001 et seq. 2005
Utah U.C.A. 1953, 31A-39-101 2004
Vermont 8 V.S.A. Secs. 8500 et seq. 2005
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Washington West's RCWA Secs. 48.130.005 et seq. 2005
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Wisconsin W.S.A. 601.58 2008
Wyoming W.S.A. Sec. 26-15-201 2006