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  1. Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin Compact
  2. Animas-La Plata Project Compact
  3. Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Compact
  4. Arkansas River Basin Compact
  5. Arkansas River Compact of 1949
  6. Arkansas River Compact of 1965
  7. Bear River Compact
  8. Belle Fourche River Compact
  9. Big Blue River Compact
  10. Canadian River Compact
  11. Chesapeake Bay Commission
  12. Colorado River Compact
  13. Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Compact
  14. Costilla Creek Compact
  15. Delaware River Basin Compact
  16. Great Lakes Basin Compact
  17. Great Lakes-St.Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact
    The purpose of the Great Lakes-St.Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact is to bring together states in order to protect, conserve, restore, improve and effectively manage the Waters and Water Dependent Natural Resources of the Basin under appropriate arrangements for intergovernmental cooperation and consultation because current lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to protect the Basin Ecosystem; to remove causes of present and future controversies; to provide for cooperative planning and action by the Parties with respect to such Water resources; to facilitate consistent approaches to Water management across the Basin while retaining State management authority over Water management decisions within the Basin; to facilitate the exchange of data, strengthen the scientific information base upon which decisions are made and engage in consultation on the potential effects of proposed Withdrawals and losses on the Waters and Water Dependent Natural Resources of the Basin; to prevent significant adverse impacts of Withdrawals and losses on the Basin's ecosystems and watersheds; to promote interstate and State-Provincial comity; and to promote an Adaptive Management approach to the conservation and management of Basin Water resources, which recognizes, considers and provides adjustments for the uncertainties in, and evolution of, scientific knowledge concerning the Basin's Waters and Water Dependent Natural Resources.
  18. Jennings Randolph Lake Project Compact
  19. Kansas-Missouri Flood Prevention and Control Compact
  20. Klamath River Compact
  21. La Plata River Compact
  22. Merrimack River Flood Control Compact
  23. New Hampshire-Vermont Interstate Public Water Supply Compact
  24. Pecos River Compact
  25. Potomac Valley Compact
  26. Red River Compact
  27. Republican River Compact
  28. Rio Grande Compact
  29. Sabine River Compact
  30. Snake River Compact
  31. South Platte River Compact
  32. Susquehanna River Basin Compact
  33. Thames River Flood Control Compact
  34. Upper Colorado River Basin Compact
  35. Upper Niobrara River Compact
  36. Wabash Valley Compact
  37. Wheeling Creek Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention District Compact
  38. Yellowstone River Compact